Remember me by the rain

Remember me when the rain falls.

When you look out the window
And all your sight is blurred with
Minor running watery vessels,
Remember all our smiles.

When you walk in the fresh breeze
While you feel the humidity catch you
And everything looks gracefully grey,
Remember our tender looks.

When you hear thunders struck
And see the lightenings surprise
And feel so cozy inside the house
Know that I am also thinking of you.


Unfair feelings

​Life is so full of funny coincidences,

Which you dare believe is fate.
Sometimes you meet someone
And out of the lowest expectations
You pull out the most amazing
Sense of having found a match,
Maybe the one lost part of you.
Sadly, you immediately learn
That things could never be so easy
To go right in such a simple way.
Lucky it is that our values teach
Friendship must be above all.
Unfair, though, that one gets to be
So ready to hear all sorrows
When could be the drought
To all the loving caused tears.
Now do not get me wrong,
For it was in time the adverts
Towards not falling in love again,
And end up turning all in writings.


​You’ve gotta stay strong,

You’ve gotta fight your own battles,

You’ve gotta live up to your dreams.

People are gonna want to bring you down,

People are gonna tell you what to do,

People are gonna say you’re wrong.

Nobody has to understand you,

Nobody has to know what’s really going on,

Nobody has the right to ruin who you are.

Counting Stars

I’m counting the stars since that day

I notticed life is so bigger than me.


Look out for the stars

See how they shine as it’s forever.

But know that even stars die

And we still see their light.


I’m counting the stars trying to find out

How much is left to be known.


Look up at the stars

See what’s the distance 

Between our dreams and the sky,

How strong we have to believe.


But i’m still counting the stars thinking

I’ll always remember you.

Once upon a time


Once upon a time
There were two friends
Who were kept together
By destiny doing the same stuff.
They were united through
Ideas, goals, passions, dreams,
And none ever told them
That our soulmate is
One who we least expect
And can’t see because it’s so close
Our sight can’t catch it.

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To You

I wanna find You here tonight…

I wanna find You in the silence of my heart,
In the the intertwinings of my thoughts,
In the daze of my eyes looking at the ceiling,
I wanna find You with my eyes closed fast asleep.

I wanna find You in the shining stars,
In the dark blue nearly black unending sky,
In the fresh and soothing breeze brushing my hair,
I wanna find You sitting by my side unseen.

I wanna find You here tonight,
And in daylight as well when I wake.
I wanna find You in every breath I take.

But right now, I just wanted to find You here tonight.

What i wish you knew

I wish you knew how
When you smile at me
All I can do is smile back

Makes me feel like hugging you,
And when you do that,
I feel like holding you,
And not letting you go.

When you get my hand
Before saying good bye
I look in your eyes and wish
That i’d really say, I might be
In love with you,

So please don’t hurry away,
Give us some time,
And maybe you’ll see it
Just as I did, that we are
In some way meant to be.
That’s what my heart says today.

When you get shaken

There’s always a day when you get shaken,

Call that very shaken – not a simple disturb.

It’s when someone just breaks into your soul,

And you are obliged to see what you never liked.

But when you look into your soul

And you find all that rubish standing out,

You might like to know that those can be treasures

Of the most valuable kind,

Hidden by the worst pirates,

More likely, ourselves.

Search your feelings

Search your feelings in your heart,

Search your feelings, mind and soul,

Know that all you feel has a reason,

Know that there’s always a beginning.

Find your reason deep beneath,

Find your reason to the core,

Love your reason with your heart,

Love your reason to what’s right.

Search your feelings, be true,

Search your feelings in your mind,

Know that to decide is power,

Know that many things are in your hands.

Find your reason even in tears,

Find your reason and believe it,

Love your reason passionately,

Love your reason most selfless.

Search your feelings with love of reason,

Know yourself to the core.