Tempo e momento

Tempo e momento
São incoerentes,
São paradoxo;
Ambos se odeiam,
Não se encontram;
Assim anulam
Um ao outro…
E descobrir se
Se outrora fosse
Haveria outro fim.


To You

I wanna find You here tonight…

I wanna find You in the silence of my heart,
In the the intertwinings of my thoughts,
In the daze of my eyes looking at the ceiling,
I wanna find You with my eyes closed fast asleep.

I wanna find You in the shining stars,
In the dark blue nearly black unending sky,
In the fresh and soothing breeze brushing my hair,
I wanna find You sitting by my side unseen.

I wanna find You here tonight,
And in daylight as well when I wake.
I wanna find You in every breath I take.

But right now, I just wanted to find You here tonight.