What i wish you knew

I wish you knew how
When you smile at me
All I can do is smile back

Makes me feel like hugging you,
And when you do that,
I feel like holding you,
And not letting you go.

When you get my hand
Before saying good bye
I look in your eyes and wish
That i’d really say, I might be
In love with you,

So please don’t hurry away,
Give us some time,
And maybe you’ll see it
Just as I did, that we are
In some way meant to be.
That’s what my heart says today.

Search your feelings

Search your feelings in your heart,

Search your feelings, mind and soul,

Know that all you feel has a reason,

Know that there’s always a beginning.

Find your reason deep beneath,

Find your reason to the core,

Love your reason with your heart,

Love your reason to what’s right.

Search your feelings, be true,

Search your feelings in your mind,

Know that to decide is power,

Know that many things are in your hands.

Find your reason even in tears,

Find your reason and believe it,

Love your reason passionately,

Love your reason most selfless.

Search your feelings with love of reason,

Know yourself to the core.